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Published Works and Contributions 

Annick Press
Written by Deidre Havrelock

Illustrated by Azby Whitecalf

"Since Declan was born, his kokum has shared her love of Buffalo through stories and art. But Declan longs to see real Buffalo. Then one magical night, herds of the majestic creatures stampede down from the sky. That’s when things really get wild!"

Orca Book Publishers
Written by Sandra LaMaouche

Illustrated by Azby Whitecalf

"Nikosis grew up going to powwows with his family, happily immersed in music, dance and the sounds of the drum. But when he starts going to daycare, he doesn’t feel like he belongs. Nikosis cries every time his mother leaves him in the unfamiliar environment until, one day, she and the teachers use drums to help Nikosis find connection and comfort."


High Water Press
Written by Gitz Crazyboy

Colored by Azby Whitecalf

Young Ryan Fox gets good grades, but he’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. It isn’t until he meets a Blackfoot doctor during a school assembly that he starts to dream big.

However, becoming a doctor isn’t easy. University takes Ryan away from his family and the Siksikaitsitapi community, and without their support, he begins to struggle. Faced with more stress than he’s ever experienced, he turns to partying. Distracted from his responsibilities, his grades start to slip. Can Ryan regain his footing to walk the path he saw so clearly as a boy?

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